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Immigration Fraud and Fake Migration Agents

With over 14 years of experience in the immigration industry, Visacorp has seen a lot of problematic visa applications and complex matters.

An immigration application is not just about submitting the right fee and forms and seeing how it goes.  It is a fairly complex process including the handling of private, confidential and sometimes sensitive information.    This has led to immigration being infiltrated by conmen, identity thieves and counterfeiters (false passports, including false photos on legal documents, creating false proof of ID docs, hackers who enter websites which do not have SSL and other firewalls to protect personal information etc).   Visacorp use a firewall called IP Tables which is integrated into our web-system.  We decide who is allowed to connect to our server, which ports and we can also ban IP addresses if we choose.   Our SSL Certificate is from Geotrust http://www.geotrust.com/ssl/ssl-certificates-premium/.

Visacorp is well protected.  Nothing is more important to us than protecting our clients.  This fraud page is designed to advise and educate our clients on the risks associated with making a visa application. 

We encourage people to come forward with any concerns or doubts about their application, including if they have willingly or unwillingly falsified documentation which could lead to immigration character concerns.  There may be ways that we can help you, defend you or point you in the right direction. Our experienced staff can easily identify when something is wrong and when and where you need to go to fix the problem.

One common con-trick is to look out for is the false job offer. This involves people being offered an overseas job and related work permit that does not exist.  Contact Visacorp on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any concerns about validity of employment offers, documents or scams.

Unregistered immigration consultants also work within the industry.   They might call themselves 'education agents' or 'student agents' and offer immigration advice as a peripheral service.  They might just call themselves an immigration agent or consultant and lie directly.    Unqualified immigration consultants usually charge a fee for shoddy advice and services which they do not have the training or expertise to offer.  It is not enough to say that 'all of our staff must be fully trained and qualified to offer immigration assistance'.  It must be evidenced by the registration number for the person who is offering the advice.  In the case of Visacorp, our registration numbers are the first thing we provide on our home page.  That way, you are receiving advice from the safest, most reliable experts in the immigration industry.  You will usually have to pay more for a registered agent.  Unregistered agents charge lower fees to attract vulnerable, price-sensitive people.  Why risk it? 

Please contact Visacorp with all concerns or doubts about your visa. Immigration law is serious and should not be taken lightly, so play it safe and contact us today. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship produce a document on fraud for further reading: